The Sounds of the Island

Cynthia MacLeod

Thursday, August 9 – Fiddle and Song Kick Off

7:30pm – 8:35pm: Dunromin Blue Grass Band
8:55pm – 10:00pm: Fiddler Cynthia MacLeod with Jon Matthews and step dancer Janelle Banks

Eddy Quinn, John B. Webster and fiddler Allison Giggey

Friday, August 10 – Country Roots

7:30pm – 8:35pm: Wally Young and Dean Dunsford
8:55pm – 10pm: Eddy Quinn, John B Webster and fiddler Allison Giggey with step dancers Allanna and Shelby Dalziel

Marcella Richard

Saturday, August 11 – Ceilidh In The City

7:30pm – 8:35pm: The Ceilidh In The City Band featuring Kendall Docherty, Peter Burke, Brian Knox and Heartz Godkin
8:55pm – 10pm: Marcella Richard, Roy MacCaul and Larry Campbell

Johnny Ross

Sunday, August 12 – Sunday Night Hodown

7:30pm – 8:35pm: Johnny Ross and Peggy Clinton
8:55pm – 10:00pm: Joey Hynes, Johnny Ross and Davy Weale

Monday, August 13 – Sons and Daughters

7:30pm-8:35 pm: Fiddlers’ Sons featuring Eddy Quinn, John B Webster, Keelin Wedge and Courtney Hogan-Chandler
8:55pm-10pm: Joey Kitson Family Band

Richard Wood and Gordon Belsher

Tuesday, August 14 – Not Just a Phase

7:30pm – 8:35pm: Gerry Hickey, Blaine Murphy and Pat King of Phase 2
8:55pm – 10:00pm: Richard Wood, Gordon Belsher and step dancer Janelle Banks

Janet McGarry and Wildwood

Thursday, August 16 – Bluegrass and Old Time Country Night

7:30pm-8:35pm: Janet McGarry and Wildwood
8:55pm-10pm: Frank Whitty and Bobby MacGillivray


Friday, August 17 – Tipp Er Back Ceilidh

7:30pm-8:35pm: Tipp Er Back
8:55pm-10pm: Dino Dunsford, Judy Lowe and Bob Gagnon

Saturday, August 18 – Gold Cup Windup

7:30pm-8:35pm: Leon Gallant and Billy MacInnis
8:55pm-10pm: Michael and Shane Pendergast