Christmas Trees

A relatively new addition to Old Home Week, the Christmas Tree Show has been adding a touch of Christmas to the surroundings for the past number of years. The Balsam Fir trees have all been grown by Island growers and compete in classes according to size: trees from 3.7 to 6 feet high and those from 6.1 to a towering 9 feet. The undecorated trees are judged on colour and fullness and are a delight to see, even in the middle of summer.

2016 Results

Christmas Tree, 3’7″ to 6’0″
1.  David Smith, RR #2 Hunter River, PEI

Christmas Tree, 6’1″ to 9’0″
1.  David & Shirley Smith, RR #2 Hunter River, PEI

Grand Champion Christmas Tree:  David Smith (class 1)

Reserve Grand Champion Christmas Tree:  David  Smith (class 2)